When you put your trust in Afghanaid and donate flexible funds, amazing things are able to happen. Watch our film or read our explainer to find out just a few of the ways you should give unrestricted funding.

1. It allow us to leverage greater funds and reach the most vulnerable

I think one of the things our supporters would really like to know is that one pound donated of flexible funding leverages sixteen times that amount in institutional donor funding.

 Charles Davy, Managing Director at Afghanaid

Flexible funding leverages greater funding from institutional donors like the United Nations, due to the fact that donor agencies do not cover the costs associated with an entire project. Without the ability to cover these additional costs with unrestricted funds, we would lose access to the rest of the funding, and be unable to deliver some of the lifesaving projects we’ve created. 

Typically, these additional costs are incurred when reaching communities in the most remote regions of Afghanistan. Many of these villages are incredibly isolated, making delivering assistance more challenging, but all the more necessary. Unrestricted funds enable us to make these difficult journeys and provide lifesaving support to those living in these underserved regions, whilst ensuring the highest quality of assistance is distributed.

2. It enables us to respond when emergencies strike

Without the ability to build an emergency reserve, we would not be able to respond quickly when disasters unfold. Unfortunately, Afghanistan’s status as the eighth most vulnerable country in the world to the impacts of climate change, as well as the country’s ongoing humanitarian emergency and the legacy of 40 years of conflict, make it one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world.

When unexpected emergencies unfold, NGOs like Afghanaid need the ability to respond quickly, without waiting for restricted funds from donor agencies and emergency appeals. With the unrestricted funds generously donated by our supporters, we have been able to create a fund specifically for emergency response, which was deployed to respond immediately in instances such as the most recent flash floods, the 2023 earthquakes in Herat province, and the economic collapse and ensuing humanitarian emergency that began in 2021.

3. It shifts power to local communities

Through employing a community-led approach, where community members are at the forefront of our project designs, we are better able to determine what vulnerable communities really need to recover, adapt and thrive. These vital community relationships ensure we can monitor more effectively the success and sustainability of projects, and continue to build more secure futures.

This approach relies on championing the lived experience of those we work with and their ability to determine how best funds should be spent to maximise project efficacy, as opposed to apportioning funds in the way outside actors might see fit. When donors trust our working processes by giving unrestricted donations, they recognise the knowledge and expertise of local communities.

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