Finding the hope behind the headlines

On 10th October, we hosted 'Afghanistan: Hope Behind The Headlines' at The Royal Geographical Society.Read more

Empowered women turn rights into reality

Over the past three years we have been working with partners to directly address the complicated and sensitive issue of human rights abuses in Afghanistan.Read more

Citizen's Charter promises progress for years to come

On 6th May we signed agreements to deliver a programme, along with partner NGOs, which will take exciting steps towards a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan.Read more

Climate change in the spotlight

While many development gains have been made in Afghanistan, this progress is being eroded by the effects of climate change. In a country ranked among the most vulnerable in the world to natural disasters, we need to do more.Read more

Rapid response to returning refugees

In recent years, our headlines have been dominated by tragic stories of refugees from around the world; but there are some whose plight is less well known.Read more

Women's market makes waves in Badakhshan

We are proud to announce the successful opening of the first ever Women’s Market in Badakhshan province - run by women, selling products made by women.Read more