The Elimination of Violence against Women

Although the issue of gender rights has made significant legislative progress in Afghanistan over the last decade, the country continues to be one of the most difficult places in the world to be a woman. We have been working to change this.Read more

Afghanaid receives certificate for work in Nangarhar

We are proud to announce that this week Afghanaid received a certificate from the Provincial Governor for our work in Nangarhar province, with special thanks for our activities and coordination.Read more

Finding sustainable solutions to the poppy problem

Despite concerted efforts, opium poppy production continues to be an issue in Afghanistan. We recently launched a two-year project to find a solution to this growing problem.Read more

Afghanaid scales up response to refugees

In September we launched a new project to support returning refugee families, and the local communities, as they reintegrate back into these communities and establish new, secure lives back in Afghanistan.Read more

Finding the hope behind the headlines

On 10th October, we hosted 'Afghanistan: Hope Behind The Headlines' at The Royal Geographical Society.Read more

Citizen's Charter promises progress for years to come

On 6th May we signed agreements to deliver a programme, along with partner NGOs, which will take exciting steps towards a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan.Read more