Afghanaid's Humanitarian Heroes

19th August: World Humanitarian Day 2018Read more

Afghan women hold the power to drive change

Afghanaid is launching a major new project, funded by UK Aid Direct and the generosity of the British people, to enable women in Afghanistan to assert control over their own lives, the well-being of their families and the development of their communities.Read more

Afghanaid to boost sustainable use of natural resources

Afghanaid has signed agreements with The Liasion Office, an Afghan NGO, to partner in a major four-year project to support rural families to better manage their natural resources.Read more

International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

Poppy production continues to be a growing problem in Afghanistan. We are working in partnership with UNODC, to provide rural Afghans with viable alternatives to reduce the numbers of growers.Read more

From Saplings to Success: helping communities to strengthen their roots

Families in rural Afghanistan face enormous challenges. Afghanaid is supporting these families to plant pine and fruit tree saplings: a relatively simple solution to their problems with far-reaching benefits.Read more

Contextualising women’s rights in Islam

Over the past few months, we have hosted a series of conferences and workshops in different areas around Kabul province to raise awareness of women’s rights within the context of Islam and campaign for a greater respect for women's rights within the local communities.Read more