These days I don’t worry like I used to. As parents, it makes Masuma and I happy to see that our children are growing up healthy and strong. Thanks to Afghanaid, I can see that our future will be bright.

- Aliha (pictured below) is one of the many farmers whose life has been transformed thanks to the support of people like you. 

In the rural villages of Afghanistan’s Central Highlands, families living on the sides of steep mountains are isolated and poor. They are entirely reliant on natural resources to survive but, with huge distances to cross on a daily basis, and increasingly unpredictable weather, recurring droughts and punishing winters, it is more and more difficult for them to live off the land. 

Life in these remote villages has always been tough, and healthy working animals are now crucial to the fragile livelihoods, well-being and resilience of families like Aliha’s. Read Aliha's story >>

Aliha and his family have learned how to look after their animals properly.

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The problem

Despite being reliant on them to survive, few farming families have the necessary skills, knowledge or resources to properly care for their animals, or to maximise their productivity, making it difficult for them to provide for their families. Continue reading >>

Our response

We know that healthy and well cared-for working animals are stronger, more productive and live longer, meaning that the families who depend on them are more prosperous and their communities are more resilient. So, we’ve been working with Brooke, an animal welfare charity, providing farming families with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to thrive. Find out more >>

It is a simple solution with lasting results.

Afghanaid has helped us to take the best care of our animals, so now we can get the best out of them. It means I get a better income, my children eat better and we're all happier.

Please make a donation today and support a farming family like Aliha's to forge a pathway out of poverty

Our promise to you

Every penny our supporters give to Afghanaid is vital to achieving our goal of a peaceful and thriving Afghanistan. We always put our beneficiaries first and we will use our money where the need is greatest.

Find out more: Our Accountability Promise.