In the rural villages of Afghanistan’s Central Highlands, families living on the sides of steep mountains are isolated and poor. They are entirely reliant on natural resources to survive but, with huge distances to cross on a daily basis, and increasingly unpredictable weather, recurring droughts and punishing winters, it is more and more difficult for them to live off the land. 

Take Aliha (pictured), who lives with his wife Masuma and their three young sons,

We used to be able to rely on regular snow and rain to water our land but over the past few years, both the snow and rain have become unpredictable and scarce.

How do animals come into this?

Life in these remote villages has always been tough, and healthy working animals are now crucial to the fragile livelihoods of families like Aliha’s.

Despite this, few families have the skills, knowledge and resources to fully care for their animals. A lack of knowledge as to when treatment might be necessary, alongside a shortage of trained vets in remote areas, means that the animal welfare has long been neglected.

Unpredictable and increasingly extreme weather makes life incredibly difficult for these remote rural families. We have the experience and the opportunity to change this. Find out how >>

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