This fruit and nut compote is made for Nowruz, a traditional festival of Spring celebrated in Afghanistan and translates to 'Seven Fruits'. Ingredients for the Haft Mewa differ from family to family, meaning the recipe is very flexible, but usually includes apricots, raisins, rose water and mixed nuts!

Serves: 6-8 people                             Cook time: 48 hours (30-60 minutes prep, 47 hours soaking)


110g dried apricots

50g light raisins

110g dark seedless raisins

50g walnuts

50g almonds

50g pistachio nuts

50g cherries

Rose water


Wash the apricots and both raisins and place in a bowl - cover with cold water to 5cm above the fruit.

Put the walnuts, pistachos and almonds in another bowl or pan and add boiling water. Leave to soak, and then peel off all the skins as they soften. This is a fiddly job and make take some time - but it's definitely worth the effort! Throw away the water.

Combine the fruits with the nuts and cherries, including the juice they have been soaking in. Add the rose water, cover the mixture and leave in the fridge to rest for two days. When you leave the mix, the juice will become sweeter and syrupy, giving the dish a really unique consistency.

To serve, spoon the fruit, nuts and juice into individual bowls or cups, and enjoy!

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