Almost 80% of Afghans live in rural areas, the majority of which depend on livestock and agriculture as a source of income and food. Despite this, few have the skills to maximise the productivity of their animals and land, leaving them with little money to provide daily meals. 

Hafiza is a 60 year old widow. She lives with her six grandchildren in a small, mud home in a mountainous village in northern Afghanistan. Hafiza was selected to participate in Afghanaid's animal care training and, with the extra money she has earned, she can now feed her family and pay for her grandchildren's school materials. 

"My house sits on a rocky hill over a dry valley surrounded by mountains. Every day, I struggled to find food to feed my family. I have a cow and two goats, which were often sick, and gave me very little milk. I tried to use my goats to produce cashmere wool, but it was never good enough to sell. I didn't really know how to keep my goats clean. Then Afghanaid trained me in animal care and I realised there were so many things I could have done better. If only I had known!"

"Afghanaid taught me how to keep my animals clean and healthy. Now my goat's wool is so good I can make blankets, rugs and cashmere wool to sell in the market.

With the extra money I make, I can feed my family and give my animals the regular vaccinations they need. Thanks to Afghanaid, I can support my grandchildren through their education by buying school books and uniforms. I dream that one day they can work with Afghanaid to give others the skills to improve their lives."

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How you can help

When given the opportunity, rural women can be a powerful force for positive change. You can be part of this change. 

For every £1 donated to our By Her Side appeal before 30th September, the UK government will also contribute £1 of UK Aid - therefore doubling your donation. That means right now you have the opportunity to double your impact and transform a woman’s life.