Creating and strengthening livelihoods is key to achieving Afghanaid’s mission of providing Afghans with the skills, tools, and knowledge to help themselves, their families, and their communities.

By improving the household income of thousands of men and women, we have enabled families to send children to school, consume more nutritious food, access health services, and to live with greater dignity.


Over 80% of Afghanistan’s labour force depends on agriculture. We help the poorest farmers produce more by teaching them improved farming and animal husbandry techniques. We help improve the value of their products and connect them to local markets.

By replenishing seeds and animal feed – often lost as a result of natural disasters or failed harvests – Afghanaid make crucial contributions to families’ food security. We also provide vegetable garden tools to enable Afghan families to meet their nutritional needs throughout the year.


 Natural Resource Management

We support communities to use their natural resources in a sustainable manner. We promote techniques to conserve water, protect and renew forests and rangelands, and reduce soil erosion.

By establishing and training user associations, we strengthen the capacity of communities to plan and implement projects which improve the management of natural resources. These associations reduce conflict over resources and foster collaboration with relevant governmental ministries.


  Rural Savings and Small Business

Afghanaid assists men and women with vocational training and tools to start their own businesses. By diversifying income, these businesses increase the resilience of vulnerable rural households.

We facilitate the creation of producer associations, which help business owners access markets and demand higher prices for their products. We also support the formation of savings groups, giving impoverished people in rural Afghan communities an opportunity to accumulate group savings and access credit for their enterprises.