What is a toshak?

Find out what a toshak is, as well as what sandalis, dastarkhans and lihafs are. Read more

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Spend a whole year with Afghanaid with our 2022 calendar, featuring some of the amazing places and people Afghanaid works with across Afghanistan. Read more

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Please give generously to help men, women and children survive the winter. Read more

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Browse our charity products, including calendars, cards, gift cards and books. With every purchase you make, you will help get people in Afghanistan through this difficult time. When purchasing, please consider a donation to make your impact even greater. Read more

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The Big Plant

It's competition time! Over the past year, here at Afghanaid we’ve been getting very into our plants, so to celebrate our tree planting work in Afghanistan and World Environment Day, we’re asking you to get involved with our #BigPlant competition to cover our online community with greenery, too. Read more

Recipe Book

Browse a collection of our favourite appetisers, mains, desserts and tea - some for special occasions and some that will add a taste of Afghanistan to your usual weekday menu. Read more

Mohammad Akbar's Story

The past year has incredibly been difficult, especially so for Afghan families like Mohammad Akbar's. A gift from you today, no matter how small or large, will help an at-risk family in Afghanistan to put food on the table. Read more

Afghanaid's Fashion Week

From 19th-25th April, to mark this year's Fashion Revolution week, we're celebrating all things Afghan fashion. Join in the fun! Read more