On 9th May 2018, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake shook Badakhshan, a mountainous province in the north eastern corner of Afghanistan. Just three days later a flash flood hit these already struggling communities. In Badakhshan alone, 351 homes were damaged or destroyed and hundreds of families were left in need of immediate humanitarian assistance.

When disaster strikes in Afghanistan, Afghanaid's dedicated staff immediately set to work, providing life-saving assistance in the most remote communities, as well as long-lasting support to help vulnerable Afghans rebuild their lives. Within days of the earthquake in Badakhshan, Afghanaid was on the ground, coordinating with other organisations in order to best support the affected communities.

Abdul Ghani lives with his wife, Bibi Marya, and their five children in Nawabad E Gandom quol community in Badakhshan.

“For many years I worked to save enough money to be able to construct a mud house for my family. We never had much but I worked hard to be able to send my children to school so that they could have better futures.

When the earthquake came it destroyed the home I had built. My wife and I were in the kitchen when the first shock hit but luckily we were able to get out before the second shock hit, which completely destroyed the kitchen and left it under rubble.

Following this, heavy rain started and the temperature dropped. My family did not have any shelter and we were without the means to cook or to keep our children warm. For a short time, my neighbour was able to support us with some cooking utensils and a blanket but it was not enough. Two of my young daughters, Nasima and  Bibi Fatima, caught a fever and became very sick - I had to take them to the hospital to get treatment. I worried about the future for my family.

Our local community-based disaster management committee, which was set up and trained by Afghanaid, reported our situation to Afghanaid, the district governor and the Afghan National Disaster Management Authority, who came and assessed the damage. Afghanaid provided my family with emergency packages to get us through this difficult time, including a hygiene kit, cooking kit and female sanitary kit, as well as items such as a solar lantern, double-layered blankets and plastic mats.


I am so grateful to Afghanaid for their quick support and assistance - they are really helping us through a very difficult time.”

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