When you buy an Unforgettable Gift from Afghanaid you can be confident that the real gift will make a real difference*. We’ll send you a personalised gift card or e-card to give to your loved one, describing how their gift is helping to transform the lives of vulnerable people. Find out more about how it works.

*Please purchase physical gift cards by 18th December, to ensure Christmas delivery. E-cards can be bought up until 23rd December.

£5: Train a farmer

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Train a farmer in improved farming and animal husbandry techniques so they can produce more, put food on their families plates, and earn an income from the surplus. This gift gives a lot of bang for your buck as, by helping men and women learn a new skill, you improve their household’s income, which means they can send their children to school, consume more nutritious food, access health services, and live with greater dignity.


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Help a family cultivate a flourishing vegetable garden so they can put nutritious food on the table. By buying good quality tools, you give farmers the opportunity to put their skills to practice and reach their full potential. You also enable them to produce more, so not only can they feed their families, they can sell the surplus and earn an income - giving them the chance to break out of the cycle of poverty and make real, lasting improvements to their lives.

£15: fruit trees

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Help fight the effects of climate change in flood-prone regions of Afghanistan: trees help flood-proof the land by putting down roots, and the fruit they bear can provide a family with a source of nutrition, as well as an additional source of income. So a small orchard of trees can go a long way to changing lives now, and the future of a community.



£20: Super seeds

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Provide a family with the seeds and cultivation trays they need to start their own vegetable garden, put food on the table and support their loved ones. By replenishing seeds which are often lost as a result of natural disasters or failed harvests, you will be giving a family a lifeline and strengthening their livelihood, enabling them to survive and thrive.



£30: Animal fodder kit

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Train a farmer in updated techniques, and provide them with the improved seeds and tools they need to grow enough fodder to feed their animals over the winter. This gift goes a long way as, with heavy snowfall covering their land, many farming families rely on their animals to survive the winter. This also provides a family with a new source of income which means they can send their children to school, consume more nutritious food, access health services, and live with greater dignity.

£99: Build a greenhouse

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Buy and install a greenhouse for a farmer, and teach them how to use it, so they can grow nutritious food to feed their family all year round, whatever the weather. It also means they can grow more and sell the surplus in the market, providing a vital source of income and enabling them to break out of the cycle of poverty. With the climate changing and weather become more unpredictable, it's increasingly important for farmers to find reliable ways to grow food, so this gift makes a huge difference to a family - transforming their lives for many years to come.

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Everything Afghanaid does is geared towards achieving our vision of a peaceful and thriving Afghanistan. We are committed to being fully accountable and transparent to the communities we work in, as well as to all of the generous donors who make our work possible.

*Please note: when you buy one of our unforgettable gifts, we will do our level best to use your money specifically as you have chosen. However, if none of the communities we are currently working in need that kind of help at this time, we will utilise your gift in another activity covered under our Agriculture and Livelihoods programme, which supports vulnerable rural families across Afghanistan. 

We know that we can only achieve our goals thanks to your generosity, support and trust - thank you. Read our accountability promise >>

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