We enjoyed a fascinating panel discussion with Lauren Braithwaite (Zohra Orchestra, Conductor), Zarifa Adiba (Zohra Orchestra, Conductor), Professor John Baily (Goldsmiths, Afghanistan Music Unit) and Ziba Tabrizi (Professional Dancer), exploring the importance of preserving, platforming and celebrating Afghan music & dance culture.

"I would defy anyone to hear Afghan music and not feel excited by it...it's not like anything else, it really is unique."

Ziba Tabrizi

We discussed their respective experiences with music and dance culture in Afghanistan, examining:

  • The role of music and dance in uniting people through hardship and engendering an Afghan national identity;
  • Where there is scope for further developing music and dance education in Afghanistan, and the challenges students continue to face in pursuing their education;
  • The importance of initiatives that foster empowerment and ambition among Afghan women.

"Music education seems to be playing a huge role in the development of human rights. The role it is playing in the developing women's rights and freedoms in everyday life - giving them a voice to speak up about the issues they are facing - it shows that music is giving people more of an open world."

Lauren Braithwaite

A big thank you to our wonderful panellists and to everyone who tuned in and sent in questions for the Q&A, we hope you were left feeling inspired by the power of music and dance.

Missed the live panel? Come for a second helping?

Here's the recording for you to watch whenever you like:

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