On Wednesday 13th May, we enjoyed a fascinating panel discussion with James Wilthew (The Afghan Rug Shop, Director/Owner), Edmund Le Brun (ISHKAR, Co-Founder), and Flore de Taisne (ISHKAR, Co-Founder).

"We feel that Afghanistan is often misrepresented or poorly understood. Most of our time there was spent enjoying the amazing scenery, and getting to know the rich culture and history. We wanted to launch a business that would bring that story to the world." 

Flore De Taisne, ISHKAR.

We took a deep dive into their experiences conducting ethical business with local artisans in Afghanistan, exploring:

  • The transparent systems they have in place to ensure the fair pay, fair treatment, and acceptable working conditions for their artisans in Afghanistan;
  • The journey their products take, from artisan to buyer;
  • The importance of preserving and platforming traditional Afghan practices and craftsmanship;
  • And how they're adapting under the Coronavirus pandemic, examining the potential long-term changes it may make to their businesses and the artisans they source from.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in and sent in questions for our panellists, we hope you were left feeling as inspired as us.

Missed the livestream? Come back for more?

Here's the recording for you all to enjoy:

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The situation in Afghanistan

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