A live discussion about Afghan cuisine with Durkhanai Ayubi, Mursal Saiq and Kobrah Nawrozzadeh

We had a fantastic discussion with Durkhanai Ayubi (Parwana Restaurant and Recipe Book author), Mursal Saiq (Cue Point Restaurant) and Kobrah Nawrozzadeh (The Afghan Tea Company) as we explored Afghanistan's vibrant cuisine. 

A big thank you to everyone who tuned in and sent wonderful questions for our Q&A.

“The thing I love the most about Afghan food is that it is a direct rebuttal to the common narrative about Afghanistan."

Durkhanai Ayubi, Parwana Restaurant & Recipe Book

Among many things, we discussed:

  • The role that preparing, cooking and sharing Afghan cuisine plays in cultural memory and cultivating a sense of 'home', particularly among the Afghan diaspora;
  • How Afghan cuisine, hospitality and generosity, as an insight into Afghanistan's cultural history, can help shape a broader story of the country different to mainstream narratives;
  • The innovative initiatives seeking to bring Afghan cuisine to new audiences in exciting ways.

“I found common ground in a cup of tea - everyone loves a cuppa!”

Kobrah Nawrozzadeh, The Afghan Tea Company

Sound like your cup of tea?

Why not make a brew using one of our tea recipes, and then nestle in to the livestream recording:

Meet the speakers

Durkhanai Ayubi, Founder of the Parwana Restaurant chain in Adelaide, South Australia, and writer of upcoming recipe book, 'Parwana: Recipes and Stories from an Afghan Kitchen', was forced to flee Afghanistan with her family at a young age. Durkhanai's vision is to share family memories through cooking and enjoying Afghan cuisine to reflect lesser known aspects of the vibrant country she left behind.

Mursal Saiq is the Director of Cue Point London, a British Afghan BBQ Restaurant which brings delicious, inclusive Afghan dishes to it's London-based customers, whilst encouraging creativity and innovation in cooking. 

Kobrah Nawrozzadeh is the Founder of The Afghan Tea Co., a platform created to bring people together to embrace cultural commonalities and deliver delicious Afghan Tea and Desserts. The platform has now flourished into an online community that explores and appeals to the sense of nostalgia and 'Home', wherever that may be.

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