The principle of gender equality is integrated into all of Afghanaid’s work, through which we seek to promote women’s meaningful participation in decision-making process and equal access to services and resources. As unequal power relations negatively affect the ability of vulnerable groups to access the resources, services, and institutions necessary for human development, we believe integrating gender equality in our work contributes to poverty reduction, economic stability, and peace.

Afghanaid is proud of our achievements in promoting women’s leadership in community development councils, and we continue to seek ways for women to raise their voices on development issues and have more equal influence in the decisions which affect their lives.

Our work in women’s economic empowerment demonstrates that enabling women to contribute to their families’ incomes transforms their lives, allowing them to contribute to family and community decisions and giving them economic independence. The success of this work highlights Afghanaid’s ability to work in partnership with communities to empower women and make economic development gender inclusive.

Taking our promotion of gender equality into the public sphere, our civic engagement projects have built the capacity and confidence of women to advocate for their social and economic rights and have greater influence in political processes.