Responding to the massive and complex challenges faced by the people of Afghanistan, in such a volatile environment, means that no single organisation can know or do it all. Effectively responding to the challenges demands close collaboration and coordination among the best international development and non-governmental organisations, branches of national and local government and ordinary people. Mindful of this need, Afghanaid has made “partnerships” with other high-performing development organisations central to our way of working.

Partnerships are important to ensuring that Afghanaid delivers the best possible programming for our donors and project participants by enabling us to expand our geographical reach to do more for more people, while sharing learning and driving innovation.

Working effectively in consortia and partnerships requires openness, trust, strong communication, common goals and above all complementary capabilities, resources and relationships. In entering into partnerships,  Afghanaid is careful to select the right partner organisations for the right reasons and strives to maintain strong communication and mutual accountability. Afghanaid has gained particular expertise in leading and participating in partnerships and consortia that deliver results.

With that in mind, take a closer look at how our projects, both past and present, have put SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals at the forefront of what we do: