At Afghanaid, our vision is to provide a brighter future for Afghan men, women and children. We work alongside them, providing them with the tools they need to build a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities. As part of this vision, we always strive to celebrate and platform Afghanistan's wonderfully diverse and vibrant culture - of which the cuisine is an integral part.

Afghan cuisine has Persian (Iranian) and Indian roots, although has less heat in terms of spice. Renowned for its use of dried fruits and yoghurt as a topping or accompaniment, Afghan food is a huge crowd-pleaser, able to cater to many palettes and dietary requirements. 

Hospitality is also a fundamental characteristic of the nation's culture: Afghan people always ensure that their guests are treated with the utmost respect, going to great lengths to serve them the best food possible.

In keeping with this highly hospitable nature, we've created a Dinner Party Guide to help you - our incredible supporters - host your very own #MyAfghanEvening, to hone your cooking and hosting skills, whilst also helping us to celebrate Afghanistan.

How can I hold a #MyAfghanEvening amidst COVID-19?

Have an evening in - after all, in is the new out! Here's some ideas for how your #MyAfghanEvening could adapt to be COVID-safe:

  • #MyAfghanZoomEvening - set up a conference call with your friends and family, challenging them to rustle up their own Afghan spread for you all to virtually enjoy together.
  • #MyAfghanEvening Come Dine With Me style - gather your lockdown companions, each prepare a course, and rate each others efforts!
  • #MyAfghanPicnic - challenge your friends to each bring an Afghan dish of their choice to the park, where you can enjoy delicious cuisine and stay safe!

Hold a fundraiser!

Why not use the guide to hold a fundraiser - why not charge your guests to attend your #MyAfghanEvening, or encourage them to leave tips for your incredible service? Let us know what your plans are - we're here to help with any ideas, no matter how small or large!

After your #MyAfghanEvening event

Be sure to let us know how your evening went and please do send us lots of photos and videos of your successful party. Don't forget to tag Afghanaid in your social media posts, and remember to use the #MyAfghanEvening hashtag. Your incredible efforts could end up on our channels, or even in one of our newsletters.

Paying in your donations

To everyone who has hosted their own #MyAfghanEvening - THANK YOU! Your support is truly amazing.

It's quick and easy to pay in your donations so that the money you've raised can help us serve even more vulnerable communities in Afghanistan - every penny really does make a huge difference.