This year, we will continue to make life better for hundreds of thousands of people in Afghanistan. Regular support enables us to do this. It means we can plan ahead and respond immediately when disasters strike or emergencies like COVID-19 arise. With Payroll Giving you can make monthly, tax-friendly contributions, without noticing funds leaving your bank account!

Payroll Giving fosters change that will last. Every month, you can help us save lives, reach remote villages, respond to emergencies and natural disasters, and create healthier and stronger communities.

Join us and the communities we work with to build a brighter future for Afghanistan.

How does it work?

Payroll Giving enables employees to donate straight from their salary directly to any UK registered charity. You can enquire about this with your employer, letting them know you'd like to give to Afghanaid through Payroll Giving, and your chosen monthly amount. If they don't already have a Payroll Giving scheme set up, they can do this by contacting a Payroll Giving agency to administer it - we're registered with Charities Trust.

How is Payroll Giving tax-friendly?

The donations are taken from your pay before tax, but after National Insurance, and employers can deduct the costs of running the scheme before paying tax on their business profits.

Why choose Payroll Giving?

  • It's easy and tax-friendly, so you can do more good with your money;
  • It's safe and secure;
  • You don't have to remember to donate, but you can rest assured your money is making a difference each month.

How your donations through Payroll Giving could help:

£4  - your monthly donation over a year could provide a whole class of women with literacy lessons, enabling them to live with dignity and independence.

£8 - your monthly donation over a year could pay for tailoring training, a sewing machine and support for a vulnerable woman to start a small business.

£15 - your monthly donation over a year could provide remote villages with first aid kits and training, saving lives in areas where the nearest hospital is hard to reach

£20 - your monthly donation over a year could put 6 farmers through training in updated agricultural techniques so they can produce more, and provides them with seeds and tools to do so.

We're here to help

Should you have any questions or need any further support setting up Payroll Giving, contact us at [email protected].