We deliver basic services such as community infrastructure, clean water and sanitation, and education; essential to long-term development and breaking the cycle of poverty. Following decades of conflict, the Afghan government’s ability to provide these services is limited. Organisations like Afghanaid play an important role in filling these gap for the people of Afghanistan.

 Community Infrastructure


We invest in community infrastructure that strengthens livelihoods, such as by irrigating land and building roads and bridges which link remote communities to markets; we improve community health by building hospitals and clinics; and we bring electricity to villages by building hydropower schemes.  



 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene


We reduce preventable sickness and death by improving access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities, and raising awareness of good hygiene practices in communities and schools.





We enable better access to education in poor and remote rural areas by building schools which are fit for purpose for girls and boys alike. This includes the provision of toilets, water wells, desks and chairs.



As well as providing services, we also strengthen the capacity of communities to more independently manage their own development, we improve the ability of vulnerable groups to access services, and we support local government to be more responsive to the needs of citizens.