In addition to ensuring that women are involved in all of the work we do, we also deliver stand-alone projects which specifically target women’s economic engagement, their inclusion in community governance and the advancement of women’s full participation in community life. We know the crucial role that women can play in lifting their families out of poverty, driving progress in their communities, and building a brighter future for the country as a whole.

In the past 3 years, Afghanaid has supported more than 1,161,000 women to enhance their economic engagement, inclusion in local governance and full participation in community life.

Women's financial autonomy

We support women to gain the skills, knowledge, and tools to generate an income, enabling them to lift their families out of poverty. When poor women contribute to the household income, they also gain the respect of male family members and increased influence over household and community decisions.

After enrolling on one of Afghanaid's six-month training courses in poultry-rearing, Fatima had the confidence to start her own business, I was so happy to get the opportunity to receive some kind of education... I can now count my own money, I can count the number of eggs my chickens produce, and I have a proper understanding of buying and selling”.

One of our long-term projects, which gave 14,000 marginalised women the training, support, and equipment they needed to set up home-based businesses and start generating an income resulted in:


    What have we been up to?

    Drawing on the experience gained from our previous projects, last year we ran a large-scale project which included:

    • Running literacy classes;
    • Helping women set up their own businesses and earn an income to support their families;
    • Raising awareness of health and hygiene;
    • Growing women's engagement in community governance.

    By providing women with the knowledge, resources, and agency to have greater influence in the household and community decisions that affect their lives and their family, they can drive both poverty reduction and gender equality.

    How you can help

    When given the opportunity, women can be a powerful force for positive change, and transform their families' lives. You can be part of this change, by supporting them with the tools and necessities they need.