Cook time: 5 Minutes

For a real taste of summer, why not try making "Chutni Nahna" a light mint chutney that tastes great with rice, vegetables or kebabs!


25 g fresh mint, washed and dried

1-2 cloves of garlic

1-2 fresh green chillies

1-2 tbs plain natural yoghurt

salt according to taste


1. Shred the washed and dried mint leaves, the chillies and garlic, preferably in a food processor.

2. Now mix in the yoghurt and add salt to taste. 

3. Store the mint chutney covered in the fridge. This chutney does not keep well, so best made as and when required.  

Tastes great served with our May recipe of the month - Kofte Kebabs. 

Once you've made your Chutni...

We held a live conversation with three incredible Afghan women transforming food industriesdiscussing the role that preparing, cooking and sharing Afghan cuisine plays in cultural memory and cultivating a sense of 'home', particularly among the Afghan diaspora. Once you've made your Chutni, why not settle into the recording!