July recipe of the month

Add some Afghan flavours to your picnics and BBQ's this July with this recipe for 'Burta', a delicious and refreshing aubergine dip. Read more

June recipe of the month

Celebrate Eid al-fitr (also known as 'Sweet Eid'), or sweeten up your June, with this tasty Afghan-style doughnut recipe. Read more

May spice of the month

Spice up your month this May with this sizzling recipe - inspired by our spice of the month, these Kofte Kebabs are infused with Murch-e-sia (or chilli powder) and make the perfect addition to any BBQ! Read more

April spice of the month

Saffron is claimed to help regulate blood sugar levels, perfect after all that Easter chocolate! Try this saffron inspired dish, Murgh-E-Shekam Pur, which is often made for celebrations in Afghanistan. Read more

Melt-in-your-mouth biscuits

Made all year round, but especially popular during Nowruz, Ab-E-Dandon literally translates as melt in your mouth biscuits! With flavours of pistachio and cardamom they taste great served with green tea. Read more

March spice of the month

Ground Coriander or Tokhum-e-gashneez is rich in iron, and has been shown to help lower cholesterol naturally. Check out our recipe for Aush-E-Asli - a unique Afghan dish which is real comfort food. Read more

February spice of the month

Cardamom, or Hail, helps digestion and detoxifies the body – perfect after all that winter comfort eating! Warm up your evenings with Norinj Pilau, a sweet and spicy Afghan dish that has a delicate flavour. Read more

January spice of the month

Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, perfect for fighting infection during the colder months! This warming stew, Qorma- E-Gul-E-Karaml is a popular dish during the winter in Afghanistan. Read more